Everyone likes to play dress-up as a kid, it’s so much fun to pretend you’re your favorite hero, or villain. That’s why people love Halloween so much. Some people never grow out of that though, and turn that love into careers. These are the cosplayers. People that get to travel the world, visiting conventions as their favorite characters. Some even become models, or further inspire the creators of the characters!

One of the most well-known is Ani-Mia. She does her share of heroes, but she’s also a huge horror fan, so she has a large repertoire of villains as well. Her plays range from the Baroness from G.I.Joe, to Freddy Krueger, to the Enchantress from Suicide Squad, to Tiffany from the Child’s Play series.

Image by Maze Studio and Courtesy of Facebook.com

One of her most recent costumes was the vampiric villainess, Vampirella.

Image by Maze Studio and Courtesy of Facebook.com

While it’s a simple costume, to be sure, she pulled off the look so perfectly Dynamite Comics, which publishes Vampirella, is putting her on the cover of issue #11 coming out early next year! They’re not the only ones impressed either. Rage Custom Creations is making a custom piece based on the same art. Don’t expect to be able to tuck that under the Christmas tree though; they’re only making one, and Ani-Mia herself is going to be putting it up on ebay, with the proceeds going to her annual Christmas toy drive.

Seriously, what horror fan wouldn’t want a one-of-a-kind Vampirella figure on their shelf? But don’t worry, because everyone will be able to order a copy of the comic, which drops on January 17th!

So check her out on Facebook or Twitter so you can know when this auction goes live, and check out some of her past cosplays for some inspiration of your own.


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