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Earlier tonight, weeks of hype built to one moment: Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) making his grand exit from The Walking Dead after eight and a half seasons leading the hit AMC series. Fans have been wondering for awhile now, would Rick die? Turns out the answer is no.

In fact, not only is Rick not dead, Lincoln himself isn’t quite done with Walking Dead after all. The plan is still for him to no longer appear on the main TV series going forward, but THR reports that Lincoln will star as Rick in three Walking Dead TV movies set to air on AMC.

The first of AMC’s telefilms starring Lincoln as Rick is set to begin production in 2019, but it’s unclear when it’ll actually be shown. However, Walking Dead franchise creative head Scott Gimple has at least confirmed what fans can expect out of the trio of Rick-centered movies.

The Walking Dead season 9 - Andrew Lincoln as Rick

Each movie will boast a theatrical-level budget, and will explore what happens to Rick following his exit from the main series, but before the time jump at the end that showed an older Judith Grimes. Core TWD characters – such as Michonne or Daryl – may also appear.

For those fans wondering why Lincoln would be up for movies if he didn’t want to do the TV show anymore, it’s a matter of the actor having grown tired of being at the Atlanta set and away from his family for most of the year, yet not wanting to leave Rick Grimes behind fully.