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With over 100 different acting credits to his name, memorable character actor Andrew Divoff has a resume bursting with notable roles, including a terrific stint as the villainous Mikhail on Lost.

Divoff is truly a chameleon, able to portray just about any ethnicity or accent without fail, and able to be slotted into any type of genre and blending in as if he’d never acted outside those confines a day in his life.

For horror fans though, easily Divoff’s most iconic role is that of the Djinn in the first two Wishmaster films. Blessed with a devilish smile and hypnotizing voice, Divoff plays the Djinn in both his natural monstrous look and his alternate human identity Nathaniel Demerest, and is equally as fun in both guises.

Wishmaster - Andrew Divoff as the Djinn

With the entire Wishmaster series now available in a kickass Blu-Ray box set from Lionsgate, fans can finally revisit Divoff’s wish-based hijinks in glorious HD.

Unfortunately, only two of the films in the set contain Divoff, as he departed the series prior to Wishmaster 3 and 4’s production, with those films suffering immensely as a result. To be fair though, their scripts were so bad that it’s arguable not even Divoff could have saved them.

Wishmaster Collection Blu-Ray Cover

With nearly 20 years now having passed since Divoff played the Djinn in Wishmaster 2, one would think he might have put it behind him, but that’s not the case. In a recent chat with Geekadelphia, Divoff made it known that he would love to return to the role, should a Wishmaster 5 ever end up being made:

Well, you know what, if I had one [wish] I might as well go ahead and say it. Wishmaster 5. I will answer the lingering question, I would love to do it again. But whether it is me or not I think the franchise has a lot of life left in it.

These comments are somewhat similar to recent sentiments expressed by Divoff’s Wishmaster 1 co-star Robert Englund, who feels that the series has the potential for more entries.

Will Divoff ever again receive the opportunity to grant horrific wishes? It’s hard to say, but us Wishmaster fans can certainly continue to wish for his idea to become reality.

Wishmaster - Andrew Divoff as the Djinn