An ‘Anaconda’ Reboot is Headed Our Way

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After a really cool year that featured, a return to big sharks with The Meg and a return to the deep sea with Underwater. Looks like we are going back to some seriously big snake roots with another Anaconda film.

THR reports, Sony’s Columbia Pictures is working on a “re-imagining” of Anaconda this time with a modern take. The big snake horror is being penned by Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman, Tomb Raider).

Sources say Daugherty’s take is not a remake or a sequel but a reimagining. While details are being kept deep in the belly of the beast, it is known that the studio is hoping to take a Meg-style approach to the concept. The Meg was the 2018 Jason Statham-starring movie that upped the killer shark movie concept by having scientists deal with a prehistoric shark dinosaur known as a megalodon. The movie made over half a billion dollars. The studio is aiming to take what was a simple and relatively cheap programmer with a B-movie concept and eventize it in scope and budget.

The original 97′ film ended up becoming a cult mainstay. It starred Jennifer Lopez, Jon Voight and Ice Cube and featured a film crew forced to survive ferocious Anaconda attacks.

You guys excited to return to Anaconda? Let us know in the comments section.

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