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An ‘Alien’ TV Series Is Reportedly Being Considered

by Michael Carpenter

Alien is quite the celebrated franchise among the horror ranks, and it deserves to be so. Ridley Scott’s original 1979 film and James Camerons’ 1986 sequel Aliens are all-time classics, Alien 3 tends to be quite underrated, and even Resurrection has its moments.

Unfortunately, thereafter saw things go downward for Alien. AVP was passable at best, and AVP: Requiem was total crap. Then came Ridley Scott’s return with Prometheus, which I liked, but proved incredibly divisive among fans.

Last year’s Alien: Covenant went over even worse, and tanked financially too. Thus, Scott’s film series seems to be indefinitely stalled. Some have suggested Neil Blomkamp now be allowed to make his Aliens sequel, but he seems to have moved past the idea.

So, with no films in the pipeline, what is 20th Century Fox to do with the franchise? According to a recent rumor report by Omega Underground, a TV series set within the Alien universe is being considered. Sadly, details beyond that are unavailable.

Obviously, take this news with a grain of salt, as Fox hasn’t officially weighed in to confirm or deny. Considering the problems suffered by the film franchise though, perhaps a TV series could be just what the Xenomorph ordered, and reignite fan passions.

Notably, Fox is currently in the process of being sold to Disney, so it’s possible that even if an Alien TV series is being developed, newly installed execs from Disney might decide that the project isn’t worth pursuing. For now, all we can do is wonder.

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