The ‘Amnesia Collection’ Combines Gothic Horror With Memento

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Horror fans, the ‘Amnesia Collection’ has been released on Playstation 4. This one comes to us in perfect timing. Either we are going to be trying to forget about the extra 4 pieces of pie we ate with our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, or we are going to be trying to forget an awkward family dinner with the in-laws. What better way to do that then with a spine-chilling game that is all focuses on characters that have lost their memory?

The Amnesia Collection comes packed with three Amnesia titles from the first-person survival horror franchise. ‘The Dark Descent,’ ‘Justine’ and ‘A Machine For Pigs,’ are all individually represented.

The series created an entirely new breed of first-person horror. Right from the start, the game prompts you letting you know that it is not about winning, its about immersion. Amnesia’s mechanics are also one-hundred percent their own. Along with the usual things that go bump in the night to make you jump, you are also faced with the possibility of going completely mad. A sanity meter  marks stress and terror. The longer you spend in the dark or looking at something horrifying, the more sanity you lose. This is particularly  terrifying when you are forced to hide in the dark from an enemy, but aren’t allowed to spend much time in the dark due to approaching madness. Its a stressful tight-wire act that I hadn’t seen in a game before.

In the game you wake with amnesia. This leaves it to you to search for clues of who you are and what happened to you to create this terrifying situation. All that while avoiding enemies and losing your mind.

Each entry of the collection does a good job of mixing up story elements to keep it different. The gothic horror aesthetic combined with intriguing story and tense gameplay make this one a must play, for those who haven’t yet experienced the world of Amnesia.

The Amnesia Collection is available now through the Playstation store.

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