Amityville Horror Gingerbread House is Evil and Edible

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There’s just something about the fusion of horror and the holiday season that’s incredibly delightful, as movies like Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night have proven. Though The Amityville Horror likely isn’t one of the films that you think to watch around this time of the year, that didn’t stop one clever fan from using it as the inspiration for a holiday project that we think you’re going to like…

Will Webster, who runs the blog Veggie Macabre, did a little baking this past weekend, whipping up the sort of gingerbread house that’s tailor made for us horror fans. Not content with constructing an ordinary house, Will instead set out to make a gingerbread version of perhaps the most infamous house in the history of both horror and true crime, putting a holiday twist on The Amityville Horror.

The tasty creation is well timed, as this year marks the 40th anniversary of the real-life Amityville murders that spawned the film franchise. Not exactly the sort of anniversary that should be celebrated, but there’s no denying that the house has become one of the most truly iconic structures in all of pop culture, worthy of being built out of gingerbread.

Check out the Amityville Horror gingerbread house below, which Will made entirely from scratch. And learn how to make your very own over on Veggie Macabre!




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