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‘American Psycho’s’ Patrick Bateman Joins Funko POP! Vinyl Line

by Trey Hilburn III
American Psycho

Getting reservations at Dorsia and having the proper weight and shade of eggshell white on your business cards is no easy task, you guys. Just ask American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman. Sure, he had some ups and downs in the yuppie-caked high society of the 80s, but nobody else is going to compare with Bateman now that he has his official Funko POP! Vinyl. And you know what? In our opinion this is much cooler than any old business card… no matter the watermark.

The upcoming tiny American Psycho comes Huey Lewis and the News ready. Bateman comes clad his iconic plastic see-through raincoat and wielding his trusty axe. An axe that only a random yuppie named Paul Allen could really get into.

Tiny Bateman comes in pre and post murder options. One of the figures being the regular non bloodied pose and the other having a huge blood spatter on this face. In addition, there is a Hot Topic exclusive POP! of Bateman looking dapper in his suit and favorite knife.

I’m very into the blood spatter one, of course. It really has a post “try getting into Dorsia now” ambiance about it.

Head over to Entertainment Earth to get your pre-orders in.

Let us know what you think about these tiny American Psycho’s in the comments section.

American Psycho

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