American Horror Story: The Replacements

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Episode recap – spoiler warning


At the end of the third episode of American Horror Story we were left with a lot of death and wonders. We were left on the edge of our seat with two new murders in the mix and Queenie leaving us with a bull hand over her mouth. Not only was the end of this episode filled with wonders but the entire episode had a feeling of wonder about it. So many HUGE EVENTS happened in the last 10 minutes of the episode so I am here to remind you of the few short comings those events may have made you forget about.


The first scene showed what Fiona did to the supreme, which was slit her throat. After the deed is done the camera changes angles and shows Mr. Jeeves standing in the doorway having just watched this whole thing. It then goes back to the modern day with Fiona standing in front of the old Supreme, Analee’s  painted portrait. She then looks over her shoulder and sees Jeeves standing in the same spot he was those many nights before. Fiona says to him, “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?”. It then flashes to the marvelous beginning credits. What this tells us is that Fiona was the one to cut out Jeeves beautiful tongue. I bet her way of doing so was morbid and I can not wait to see how she removed it. Which from the few clips we get to see from the next episode, I think it may happen on this weeks episode.


The next scene that left me in wonder was when Zoey went to check on Kyle over at Misty’s. Misty is obviously a very loving person, but when she gets wronged she will explode. She won’t just cause major destruction to someone that upset her; she will make sure to take it all the way and break it beyond repair. Well Zoey takes Kyle from Misty to bring him back to his mother. Misty doesn’t like this and doesn’t want him to leave, but Kyle pushes her showing her that he doesn’t want to be there anymore so she lets him go. She is very angry that he’s gone.  When they are out the door she is listening to her beloved Stevie Nicks and dancing, more like twirling and mumbling while she’s doing so. I’m wondering if that was he casting a spell on Kyle or Zoey or both. Hmm. .because Kyle did end up killing his mom by the end of the episode, but I’d kill that bitch too for taking advantage of a sons love like that. Misty’s anger would cause more destruction than just a person that deserved to die being murdered by her son.

This brings us to welcoming thy new neighbors. A new mom and cute young man moved into the house right next door to the girls school. The mother is a “bible thumper” in Fiona’s words. Madison and Nin bring the mother and son a delicious looking cake. The mom obviously hates Madison because she’s scandalous and makes sure that people know this by using her clothes. So Madison fights back and a knife ends up coming inches away from the mothers head. Not only this but before the girls are gone the drapes are on fire! From these happenings, Fiona learns something new about Madison… she’s the one that’s killing her slowly. Madison is the new supreme. Fiona spends the entire day with her trying to accept that her time is up but when the night comes it’s too much. Fiona wants Madison to kill her with the same knife Fiona used to kill Analee years before. Madison won’t do it and the girls are fighting over the knife. The fight ends with Madison laying in a pool of blood. Fiona killed the new supreme, what does this mean for her? Jeeves looked way to happy after this happened. He was already picturing Fiona on fire.


We’ll find out all the answers soon! The next new episode of Ameirican Horror Story premieres this Wednesday October 30th at ten o’clock only on FX. I wonder if we will get our Halloween episode this season! Everyone have a Happy Halloween!!


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