American Horror Story: Murder House/Coven Crossover Season Coming

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For years now, American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy and his team have taken pleasure in throwing little easter eggs that serve to tie the seasons of AHS together in some way. For example, Queenie – the “human voodoo doll” witch from Coven – popping up briefly in Hotel, and Pepper from Asylum’s origin story being told in Freak Show.

These instances are always sure to fill a long-time AHS fan with delight, but during a recent interview with EW, Murphy revealed that the series is about to take the idea of connecting the seasons a big step further. Murphy: “It’s not going to be next season, but we are going to do a season that’s a crossover between Murder House and Coven together, which is very bizarre. There will be characters from Murder House and characters from Coven together.”


Yep, instead of some small tie-in moment between different AHS seasons, Murphy intends to produce a full-on crossover season bringing together characters from both Murder House and Coven. He didn’t specify which characters those will be, but Murphy says that he is already in talks with actors and actresses from both seasons about reprising their roles: “I’ve [already] started going to actors from both of the seasons, quietly, saying, ‘I think in this window, if you could fit us in,’” said Murphy. “So yeah, it’s fun. It’s weird.”

It remains to be seen when exactly Murphy plans on filming the Murder House-Coven crossover, but he does specify above that it won’t be the upcoming season 7, meaning that fans will have to wait until at least 2018 to witness the epic event. It’ll be interesting to see if such an occasion is able to lure back long-since departed AHS star Jessica Lange, or Murder House stars Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott. Lange famously left AHS after Freak Show, while McDermott hasn’t shown up on the series since Asylum. Britton has been absent from the mix entirely since Murder House due to other TV commitments.


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