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Last month we learned that the next season of FX’s hit series will be titled American Horror Story: Hotel, with Lady Gaga in a starring role. Details about the season are being kept under wraps for now, which means it’s time we start speculating…

One of the theories we explored a few weeks back is that the season will draw inspiration from real-life killer H.H. Holmes, who infamously claimed many victims inside a hotel death trap that he himself built. It’s certainly not a stretch, given the season’s subtitle, and clues throughout last season seem to confirm the Holmes connection.

But there’s one pesky little detail: odd-numbered seasons of American Horror Story tend to be set in the present day, and the Holmes murders took place in the late 1800s. Hm.

Another interesting theory about the show’s fifth season is that it will be set in the real-life Cecil Hotel, located in Downtown Los Angeles. Constructed in 1924, the hotel was rebranded Stay on Main a few years ago, and it was recently the site of a horrifying accident that still remains entirely unexplained.

In February of last year, the nude body of 21-year-old Canadian student Elisa Lam was found inside one of the hotel’s water supply tanks, located on the roof. Lam went missing one month prior and her body was only discovered after guests at the hotel complained that the water had an odd taste to it.

How exactly Lam got up on the roof has never been explained, and the strangest part of the entire story is the way she acted prior to going missing. Surveillance footage from the hotel surfaced shortly after her body was found, and in it Lam is acting very strange, as if possessed by some evil force.

You can check out the video below, though we warn you that it’s very real and very troubling.

Well before the hotel ever claimed Lam’s life it had already built up a reputation as being haunted, with a long history of darkness attached to it. At various points, serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger both called the hotel home, and ‘Black Dahlia’ Elizabeth Short reportedly stayed there immediately prior to her murder.

Could American Horror Story: Hotel be about the Cecil Hotel, and perhaps draw inspiration from the tragic story of Elisa Lam? Only time will tell…

[youtube id=”3TjVBpyTeZM”]