American Horror Story: Cult Send in the Clowns in this Insane Trailer

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Written by Patti Pauley

Oh, American Horror Story… Us trying to make sense out your wild and weird promos leading up to the season premiere is enough to melt my damn brain. Super fun times though, am I right?

Late last night, as we all waited patiently throughout the day for the promised theme reveal by AHS creator Ryan Murphy himself via Twitter, the time had come at 9:22 PM. The election themed season seven of the hit FX series was officially entitled American Horror Story: Cult and the internets went wild over the fifteen-second clown-based teaser. Today, the series has dropped a more in-depth, freaky as hell teaser trailer that involves not one, but an army of insane looking clowns that looked like they just jumped off the Juggalo train. The teaser starts off with a symbol that resembles a beehive of some sort with a Freddy Krueger sweater-like looking background and quickly enters a deranged looking clown mob with a creepy as hell voice-over uttering the following words,

“Do you ever feel alone, does it ever seem like no one really stands behind you … Do some people just make you sick … Are you afraid? … We can set you free … We will make you strong … We want you.”


UMMMMM. Terrifying.



With the recent announcement of Twisty the Clown somehow being intertwined with this upcoming season, the whole clown shenanigans teaser makes some sort of sense here. Could this allude to a bigger picture of Twisty’s story? Maybe. The words cult and election seem to fit together rather ominously. However, at the end of the day, you and I both know we won’t really be able to piece everything together until the season seven premiere on FX this September 5, 2017. Until then, let’s just bask in the speculated glory of painted nightmares and twisted imagery that the series is so infamous for as more hints are dropped our way!







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