American Horror Story Costumes

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American Horror Story Costumes

The horror season is upon us and that means it’s time to get those costume ideas in gear!  For those who don’t want to just buy off the rack., the twisted anthology series American Horror Story is a great place to look for DIY inspiration.  I have put together a list of some interesting ideas for this Halloween season, and how you yourself can put together a costume on a budget. Make sure to post your pictures!

American Horror Story: Cult

The clowns from The Cult are a sinister costume choice. Most of the costume elements can be found at the local thrift shop or maybe you have them in your own closet. A black bomber jacket over long black sleeve shirt with white suspenders and black jeans.

American Horror Story Costumes

Costume Breakdown

  1. Used Black Bomber Jacket
  2. White Suspenders
  3. Long Black Sleeve Shirt
  4. Clown Make-up
  5. Black Jeans

Make-up Pattern and Color Palette

Here is a breakdown of the color palette and pattern for the make-up. You can see hints of blue in the eyes and face is a off white.

American Horror Story Costumes

American Horror Story: Asylum

The White Nun is a creepy and simple costume to do. You may have to be more creative in your shopping. These items could be found at a costume or Halloween store. White face make-up with black tears. a white nun costume, white costume gloves, white stockings and white flats.

American Horror Story Costumes

Costumes Breakdown

  1. Nun Costume (White)
  2. White Costume Gloves
  3. White Stockings
  4. Clown Make-up
  5. White Flats

Makeup Tutorial

Here is a great make-up tutorial for the white nun make-up. This will help bring your creepy nun to life.

These are just a few examples of American Horror Story costumes ideas that you can use to make this Halloween a extra creepy. If you have any horror characters you want to see get the breakdown treatment, comment below let us know.


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