American Horror Story: Boy Parts

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I like the title of this episode because it was ironic considering all the feminine power surrounding it. Sorry fellas, but you may not like this because I’m all about girls rule and boys drool with todays blog. You were just taken over way to many times in this episode for me not to take advantage of it. An alligator chomped a mans head off for gods sake!


Spoilers AHEAD!

Let’s start with Misty since she opened the episode for us. If you haven’t watched the episode yet but are a sneak peeker; Misty was the witch burned at the stake on the last episode. SHE’S ALIVE! She’s wandering around a camp with alligator bodies hanging everywhere when we first see her. She doesn’t like this at all. OH NO! Here returns the hunters (the hunters that like to cheat, not fair). They try to comfort Misty until they realize she’s not down with the hanging alligator bodies. One of them pulls a gun on her, so they get eaten by the beasts Misty just returned to life. The hunters become the hunted; that’s what happens when you don’t play fair.

Then we get to see some of Queenie’s life before realizing she was a witch. She’s working at a fast food restaurant and dealing with a complaining costumer that just wants something for free. She knows he’s a liar and just won’t deal with his shit. He wants another piece of chicken and she finally snaps and tells him all that she knows, “He’s a lying pencil dick.” He asks to speak to the manager with a sentence containing the words “fat ass bitch.” This really makes Queenie angry and lucky for her she’s standing right next to a boiling grease fryer. She sticks her arm in it and blisters start to burst on pencil dicks arm! That’s what happens when you don’t play fair.

Then we get a nice remembrance of Fiona’s bad ass self. Two detectives come to the school to question Zoey and Madison about the bus crash. Zoey confesses EVERYTHING to them, including how they are surrounded by witches. She dug herself deep, but not to worry DUN DUN DA DUN DUN Fiona is here to save the day! She enters the room and says, “Hi I’m Fiona. I am in charge everywhere.” She comes in and makes the two men drink some of her spit, forget everything they just heard, and hand over any documentation of the two girls involvement with the bus crash. That’s what can happen when you don’t play fair.

Last but not least, we get to learn more of Miss. Marie Laveau and get to learn a little bit more about what exactly she did to Madame LaLaurie. LaLaurie was not poisoned and killed; she was given the gift of immortality then put in a box for 180 years directly after seeing her hanging family…brutal. And that’s what can happen when you don’t play fair.

What will happen when a witch and a black magic queen who both know exactly how to not play fair go against each other. They both have always known how to get what they want with no problems. Now they both have something that the other one wants. I think Fiona and Marie are going to have a great magic fight coming our way.

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