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“American Horror Story: 1984” Premieres Strong

by Paul Aloisio

American Horror Story: 1984 had a strong season debut this past Wednesday on FX, despite missing some key members of the horror anthology – most notably Evan Peters, who has been a mainstay since the beginning. The slasher-themed season pulled some strong numbers, beating out every other cable entertainment program on television.

TV By The Numbers reports that American Horror Story: 1984 reigned supreme with a 1.0 rating for adults between 18 and 49. It’s worth noting that AHS: Apocalypse debuted with a 1.5, but there are many factors that could have went into that – such as the aforementioned pulling power of Evan Peters, as well as the allure of many other returning faces.

The season premiere has had a very positive reception, with some calling it the most fun season yet. Which is to be expected. If you’re going to make a show based on the feel of a 1980’s slasher, there are certain elements you must have to succeed.

Add some blood, sex, and great music, and you’ve got a hit on your hands. Miss one of those ingredients and your project will surely fail. But it would appear that Ryan Murphy and company are well aware of what is required and meet all of the audiences needs and then some.

This season of American Horror Story will star Emma Roberts. Other returning fan-favorites are Billie Lourd and John Carroll Lynch – the latter of which spawned one of the only recent horror icons of the past decade with Twisty The Clown.

Sarah Paulson will make an appearance, albeit small; she unfortunately has other commitments with Netflix. Jessica Lange has previously said she will most likely not return to the show. The departures may hurt for a while, but here’s to hoping that the many newcomers to the series can fill the void quickly.

American Horror Story: 1984 airs Wednesday’s on FX at 10 pm EST.

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