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American ‘Halloween’ Story: Freak Show

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Some fans keeping up with American Horror Story so far might recognize the imagery behind a few of its scenes. Like the idea of a psycho killing clown, for example. Remind anyone of Danielle Harris?

American Horror Story
: “Freak Show” took a trip down memory lane, shooting some familiar scenes that look an awful lot like John Carpenter’s “Halloween”. Here’s a side-by-side:

First up, an AHS  scene features a little girl trick-or-treating, and she spots a scary looking man. No one believes her when she tries to get help. Even though he was right there behind her, terribly concealed behind a bush. But she saw the killer clown Twisty, and he saw her. And he kept an eye on her.

Dandy Mott’s (played by Finn Wittrock) killer clown scene also looked vaguely familiar. Alright, so maybe he wasn’t a killer clown, but he dawned that clown mask. And we saw an all too familiar scene; eye holes searching frantically for someone, something, to sink a knife into. Unfortunately, Dandy didn’t have the same drive Danielle did. He was unable to stab his care taker. Who showed no fear as he approached. There was even a line about dead animals in that scene, which sounds like an ode to another “Halloween” reference, this time taking a cue from Rob Zombie’s remake.


So will Dora (played by Patti LaBelle) be playing a metaphoric Curtis? We will only know as the episodes come. But so far, what we do know, is the killer clown man-boy is having one hell of a time trying to sink his knife into her. Maybe he’ll be back twenty years later? Or will he wait until his house has been fitted with cameras? Only time will tell.


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