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AMC Working on a Series Based on Joe Hill’s NOS4A2

by Shaun Horton

Novelist Joe Hill is the son of horror icon Stephen King, and he’s definitely inherited the family talent. His novel NOS4A2 (a play on Nosferatu) has been picked up by AMC for a ten-episode series, due out in 2019.

The story follows Victoria McQueen, a woman with a knack for finding things. As a child, she escaped the clutches of a ‘man’ named Charles Manx, a man who scoops up children and whisks them away to a place he calls Christmasland in order to devour their souls. Now, as an adult, Victoria must find and face Manx again, as he’s returned and has snatched away none other than her own son.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Hill will be co-producer, alongside Jami O’Brian (Fear the Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels), and Lauren Corrao, the co-president of Tornante Television.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the forthcoming adaptation of NOS4A2, I know it’s in good hands with showrunner Jami O’Brien: Her beautifully composed scripts show a writer at the height of her powers, one who has an exquisite touch with character and a relentless instinct for suspense. AMC’s record speaks for itself: Who wouldn’t want to be in business with the Mad Men who Broke Bad and made The Dead Walk? And Tornante’s dedication to bringing singular visions to TV has freed everyone involved to do their best and truest work.” Hill said of the project.

This isn’t Hill’s first time seeing one of his works get the adaptation treatment. His second novel, Horns, was turned into a movie in 2013 starring Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe.

Considering the pedigrees of all those involved in the project already, it’s likely we can look forward to an intense, thrilling, and terrifying series that many fans of horror, and Hill, will love.

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