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Amazon Italy May Have Leaked ‘Bloodborne 2’ Release

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While E3 bore no fruit during Sony’s conference for news on any possibility for Bloodborne 2, the wonderful folks over at Amazon in Italy may have inadvertently revealed that From Software has not given up on the hunt.


Game Rant, Resetera, and the PlayStation Lifestyle blog have reported that due to a product stock error, Amazon’s Italian site listed placeholder dates for Bloodborne 2 as an item on sale (alongside a sequel for developer Insomniac’s punk-rock action title Sunset Overdrive).

Unfortunately, the link to Bloodborne’s Amazon page no longer takes viewers to a working page. However, with the Amazon link taken down shortly after the news began to circulate, it’s possible that From Software may have been waiting to reveal Bloodborne 2 at Tokyo Game Show this year (or PlayStation Experience).

It’s also worth mentioning that miscommunication between vendors and developers/publishers is not uncommon when it comes to leaks.

Amazon Italy did previously leak the Dark Souls Remastered Switch port before its announcement, as well as Walmart Canada’s accidental leak of Rage 2 along with other titles announced later at E3 2018. Vendors will often prioritize the sale of the product, but often don’t get the memo on when they should actually reveal the product for sale on their sites.


There’s much speculation surrounding the confirmation of Bloodborne because of Hidetaka Miyazaki  priorities in game development. As Miyazaki has stated at a previous round table with Bandai Namco, he is done with writing and making installments for Dark Souls.

Miyazaki did add that if someone in the From Software and Studio Japan staff want to develop a new installment after Dark Souls III, then he would have no issue with handing over the mantle.

Since then, fans of From Software’s games have been writhing in anticipation. While the company has announced Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Metal Wolf Chaos XD, and Déraciné, there’s no confirmation that the developers have not set aside the time and/or assets to develop Bloodborne 2.


For the time being, From Software, Studio Japan, and Hidetaka Miyazaki have yet to comment on the Amazon Italy leak, so (of course) we urge you all to take this news with a grain of salt.

If you wish to continue with the hunt and add to your trophies from the horrors of Yahrnam, you should check out our article covering the Bloodborne themed PS4 stand from artist Michael Ildmirkin.

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