When it comes to levels of fan enthusiasm, it’s hard to top the love that us horror addicts have for our favorite macabre movies and terrifying TV shows. Only sci-fi fans really come close to our standard of devotion, and even then it’s neck and neck. For today’s example of obsessive horror fan dedication, we at iHorror have chosen to spotlight an amazingly detailed diorama recreating the infamous “sloth” murder in the classic serial killer thriller Se7en. While that David Fincher film wasn’t exactly marketed as a horror flick, it’s tendencies toward gruesome kills and graphic torture puts it firmly within our blood-soaked wheelhouse. Check out the diorama below.

Wow. Is that jaw-dropping, or what? The above artwork was created by Imgur user WakeOfDestruction (OneSixthWarriors), who hand-crafted every object and character within the piece in an attempt to recreate the sequence in as complete a form as possible. Sadly, the photo realistic action figures of Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, the S.WA.T. officers, and the zombie-like victim himself are custom creations, and thus are not available to purchase. Although, if any toy companies are reading this, you might want to hire this guy, as he’s obviously extremely talented. Here’s hoping the same artist chooses to construct the “What’s in the box?” scene next.