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Alternate Footage Shows Maggie Meeting Lucille

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The Walking Dead’s” premiere finally revealed Negan’s victim(s). Some people were happy, some were pissed, some were outraged and some gave up on the show. The series deciding to kill  Abraham (who was not a core part of the group) and to kill Glenn (after teasing his death 50 times since the beginning of the series) seemed like the safe route to me. What if instead, they had chose to have Maggie meet her end?

Having to wait over one-hundred days to see what happened killed a lot of the emotional impact any of this would have had. However, if the show had come out and killed Daryl or killed a pregnant Maggie, it would have been sickening and the emotional impact the series really needed. Come on, you guys, Game of Thrones does it all the time and most of us love that show, right?

Well, in some AMC leaked footage, the victims appear to have at one time been Glenn and then Maggie. Even watching the low quality clip, with the knowledge that Maggie was not the one to die, there is still a very harsh emotional impact. Is this what the show could have benefited from? Mercilessness? A sacrifice to push the story further?

It is unclear why this footage leaked, but if you recall there was a point when AMC announced they had shot alternate victims to throw off snooping eyes. Either that, or these are  full horrorshow versions of Ricks black and white flashes of his friends dying.

Anyway you slice it, watching Maggie meet Lucille, is a stomach turning bit of footage to watch. Do you think the series should have gone this route? Or were Glenn and Abraham enough?


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