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All Things That Go Bump In The Night: Top 10 Movie Monsters

by Justin Eckert


5. Frankenstein: Frankenstein’s Monster

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein will forever be a classic tale, and the same goes for Frankenstein’s Monster. For many people when you think of a movie monster, it’s Frankenstein’s monster that comes to mind. The monster has made appearances in several different entertainment mediums over the years from standalone movies, to guest appearances in others.

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Frankenstein (1931) (via IMDb)

Frankenstein is a name that carries weight, and that is no small feat considering the original print was released in 1818. Frankenstein’s monster started out as a literary classic and over the years has evolved into a classic movie monster. While there have been several different portrayals of the character over the years, the one true monster for me will always be the late, great Boris Karloff.

4. Stung: The Wasps

Stung is a movie that I had next to no expectations going in, and upon viewing the end credits came to the realization that somehow, Stung is a damn fun time. With the absolutely over the top premise, characters you just love to hate, and just a dash of 80’s style camp, Stung is far more entertaining than its initial premise has any right to be.

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Stung (2015) (via NYTimes)

The death scenes are incredibly painful, the transformations over the top, and the actual wasps themselves utterly insane and downright ridiculous. Stung brings so much to the table it’s incredible that it’s able to pull it all off and still be somewhat coherent with its overly strange narrative. Take a chance with this one if it seems interesting, if you’re anything like me you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

3. Dawn of the Dead: Zombies

George Romero helped to create the zombie sub-genre of films with his classic Night of the Living Dead, but it was with Dawn of the Dead that Romero’s vision truly shined and resonated with audiences. Serving as a social commentary on consumerism among other things, Romero was able to frighten his audience to the core, while simultaneously making them think about the state of their society.

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Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Romero’s unique vision helped to pave the way for not only one of the most popular horror movie sub-genres, but also the creation of one of the most popular movie monsters. It is to George Romero that we owe thanks for the creation of Zombies and his own unique vision when it comes to film making. Rest in peace Mr. Romero, the world will never be the same.

2. Count Dracula: Dracula

Everyone’s favorite Transylvanian, seconded only by Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Count Dracula is the face that comes to mind when anyone utters the word vampire. Dracula, like Frankenstein’s monster, has been portrayed by several different actors and made several different appearances in film over the years, and continues to be a mainstay character.

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Dracula (1931)

Appearing in almost any entertainment medium from horror movies to children’s cartoons, Count Dracula is a character that has gotten so large that any person who isn’t living under a rock could recognize him a mile away. And let’s not forget that Dracula and Batman have stood toe to toe and fought before, that automatically makes him ten times cooler.

1. Halloween: Michael Myers

Michael Myers may not be a monster by the traditional sense, but that does not change the fact that Michael’s actions are monstrous and truly vile. Michael Myers is the physical embodiment of evil in humanity, feeling no remorse for the lives he ends and stopping at nothing to reach his target. Michael feels no pain, and is merciless in tracking his prey for no reason other than to shed innocent blood.

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Halloween (1978)

John Carpenter’s classic never gives a reason for Michael’s sudden murderous intentions, instead leaving it ambiguous. The thought alone that anyone at any given moment could suddenly snap with no rhyme or reason, is a truly chilling thought. Michael Myers is the perfect example that the most grotesque and vile monsters are human.

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