All Things That Go Bump In The Night: Top 10 Movie Monsters

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Be sure to check in your closets and under your bed, you never know just what is lurking deep in the shadows and today we will be looking at the top ten most memorable movie monsters. With no shortage of macabre creatures to choose from let’s dive in head first, and just hope that we still make it out in one piece on the other side.

10. Feast: Feast Beast

The Feast trilogy is a personal favorite of mine and if you haven’t heard of the movies, then do yourself a favor and track them down. All three entries to the series boast fantastic monster design and practical effects as well. The acting may be a bit spotty here and there, but the real draw of the trilogy is the monster effects, and that front never disappoints.

Judah Friedlander and Mike J. Regan in Feast (2005)

Feast (2005) via IMDb

While just what the Feast Beasts are never explained or explored, and characters are killed off left and right, Feast and it’s two sequels are bloody great times, even more so when viewed with a group of friends.

9. Godzilla Series: Godzilla

It should go without saying that of course Godzilla the King of Monsters is going to make an appearance on this list. Godzilla has always been a personal favorite of mine since childhood, because even children can watch with delight as giant kaiju lay waste to countless cities and do battle with other giant monsters.

Image result for Godzilla (1956)

Godzilla (1956) (via TIME)

Godzilla has changed sides throughout the many years that he has appeared on the big screen, sometimes fighting to save the people of Japan, other times looking only to destroy anything that crosses his path. Throughout every entry including the western entries one thing has stayed the same, Godzilla is the king of all Kaiju.

8. Pumpkinhead Series: Pumpkinhead

The Pumpkinhead movies are not for everyone, each entry in the series revolving around the central theme of seeking revenge and having to pay the price. Whether or not you consider yourself a fan of the Pumpkinhead series everyone can agree on one thing. Pumpkinhead’s design is easily one of the most memorable movie monster makeup effects to ever grace the big screen.

Related image

Pumpkinhead (1988) (via IMDb)

Pumpkinhead’s design does in many ways mirror the design of the Xenomorph’s from the Alien franchise, and that is because Stan Winston worked on both Aliens and Pumpkinhead. Winston brought his uniquely macabre charm to both the designs of the Alien Queen and the Demon of Vengeance, bringing to life two incredibly bizarre and unsettling movie monsters.

7. Killer Klowns From Outer Space: Killer Klowns

Everyone under the sun has at the very least head the name Killer Klowns From Outer Space once in their life. That alone should be an indicator as to the weight that the Killer Klown’s legacy carries, and not to mention the uniquely strange makeup that is immediately recognizable even at just a glance.

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Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988) (via Amino)

While the actual Klowns themselves may seem to be playful in nature, their intentions are nothing other than sinister. Looking to spread havoc and mayhem as they collect humans for later consumption, the killer Klowns find ways to off their prey in various and amusing scenes. Killer Klowns From Outer Space are easily some of the most recognizable and memorable movie monsters to ever have existed.

6. Aliens: Xenomorph Queen

That is one ugly mother… erm let’s get back on track here. The alien queen is, for me at least, the most movie monster to ever be spawned from the Alien franchise. The Queen is the one calling the shots, leading the xenomorph horde and birthing an army to consume everything in its path.

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Aliens (1986)

If it weren’t for Stan Winston’s amazing contribution who knows what we may have gotten in the Queen’s place? Thankfully the Queen design that was put into the final product is memorable, and for many fans of Aliens, the best part of the entire movie. To this day nothing has quite topped the reveal of the Queen in Aliens for me.