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All Season Two Eps of New ‘Twilight Zone’ Now Streaming

by Timothy Rawles
CBS All Access "The Twilight Zone"

CBS All Access just gave subscribers a binge-able present. The subscription streamer has made available all season two episodes of their rebooted The Twilight Zone.

Hosted by Jordan Peele, this new iteration of the classic anthology premiered last year in piecemeal form—two episodes at a time.

But this year we’re getting 10 more episodes in one lump sum.

Stars include Billy Porter, Joel McHale, Topher Grace, and Damon Wayans Jr.

Season one was a critical hit although some complained that the series was missing its signature twists they applauded the social commentary and bold topics.

Here is a list of all The Twilight Zone season two episodes.

“Meet in the Middle”:

A lonely bachelor makes a telepathic connection with a stranger, but not everything is as it seems in his new romance.


After a woman is promoted to hotel manager, the nature of her reality is called into question.

“The Who of You”:

A struggling actor risks everything to catch his big break, but an impulsive scheme takes a few unexpected turns.


A struggling singer’s music career takes off when she witnesses a tragic incident, but she soon realizes that her recognition comes at a steep cost.

“Among the Untrodden”:

A transfer student’s unusual interests make her an easy target at her new all-girls boarding school before she discovers her popular classmate’s special talent.


A team of scientists discover a new highly intelligent species that may endanger more than their research.

“A Human Face”:

A grieving couple are led to second guess what’s worth leaving behind when an otherworldly encounter interrupts their move.

“A Small Town”:

A church handyman discovers a magic scale that gives him the power to help his small town, but the mayor takes all the credit for his good intentions.

“Try, Try”:

A man dazzles a woman with his seemingly miraculous abilities, but their encounter takes a dark turn when the true source of his charisma is revealed.

“You Might Also Like”:

A stay-at-home housewife is looking forward to acquiring a heavily marketed device that promises to make everything better forever, but the product has an unsavory truth.

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