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“All Hell Could Break Loose”: Ghost Investigator Concerned Over Ouija Boards Sold at UK Dollar Store

by Timothy Rawles
Hull Live

A paranormal investigator from Hull, England is warning people that the budget Ouija boards they bought from Poundland (UK’s version of Dollar Tree) could unleash demons.

True Paranormal Events member Paul Marsters was shocked to find the cheap spirit boards in the Halloween aisle so readily available to shoppers looking for seasonal decor.

Masters, according to Hull Live, says the boards are especially dangerous around Halloween and curious users could unwittingly allow evil to enter the world.

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“Ouija” – 2014

“Ouija boards are most certainly not a toy and should not be available for kids to buy in pound shops for Halloween – never mind adults that are not trained in how to use them,” said Marsters.

“It does not matter if they are plastic or wood, if the planchette spells the word ‘Zeus’ it is a demon trying to come through and you should not even say the name, never mind continuing to communicate with it.

“All hell could break loose if the demon attached itself to anyone and follow them around. Nasty spirits can scratch and attack people and should not be messed with as people could get seriously hurt.

“So I was gobsmacked when I saw that Poundland were selling these Ouija boards and was profoundly shocked and just fuming really.”

Paul Marsters

Paul Marsters – Hull Live

Having spent seven years as a paranormal investigator, Marsters says the props should not be sold to just anyone. Poundland assures that the devices are only being sold to those who are over 18.

Marsters adds: “We won’t even touch Ouija boards – we only have mediums to do that who are trained as they are just too dangerous and you don’t know what it will entail using them.”

Ouija Board.jpg

A Ouija Board at the Palm Springs Vintage Market

“We only use glasswork to communicate with the spirits in that way.

“Everyone in the paranormal spirit field is angered – the risks of untrained people using Ouija boards is unimaginable so it is ludicrous that Poundland are selling them off.

“On Halloween night the veil into the spirit world is very thin and people are buying these Ouija boards just for Halloween so I dread to think what will happen when these boards are in the wrong hands.”

Fitzgerald, Saturday evening post.png

Norman Rockwell – Saturday Evening Post, May 1, 1920

The popularity of the product is in such high demand that they have all sold out. A Poundland spokesperson said the boards are for adults only, “and were blocked from being only sold to children at tills, they were part of our extensive Halloween décor range this year in only around 90 of our 800+ stores.

“In any event, they’ve now just about vanished.”

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