Who doesn’t love a good evil clown horror movie?  From this trailer – this clown is sure to give you a few nightmares!

Beautiful, unsuspecting Sarah is looking forward to a quiet Halloween night at home with the two young teens she’s babysitting. Then, she discovers an unmarked old VHS videotape in one of the kid’s bags of candy. On the tape: a series of wildly outlandish tales of murder, torture and unearthly mayhem, all somehow linked to a diabolical clown-from-hell. As each tale ratchets up the terror, bizarre phenomena begin to occur in the house, as Sarah discovers that the grimacing, white-faced clown on the video may be saving his most horrific All Hallows’ Eve treat… just for her.

Coming October 29, 2013
Starring: Catherine Callahan, Katie Maguire, Marie Maser
Directed by: Damien Leone