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All About Evil: Will Have you Screaming and Laughing For More!

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Natasha Lyonne as Deborah in All About Evil





Comedy? Gore? What more could people ask for from this in 2010 movie, All About Evil. A few friends, who suggested that this movie could be the next cult classic, recommended All About Evil. While looking into the movie, I heard that it was a mixture of modern horror elements with inspiration from Rocky Horror Picture Show

The movie starts out with Deborah Tennis who inherits her loving father’s old movie house. Business remained slow and Deborah’s cruel mother tries to convince her to sell the place. But things take a turn when Deborah’s inner serial killer comes out towards her mother. With the taste of blood comes a spark of creativity, and Deborah jumps back into filmmaking. She starts turning her real life killings into homemade movies- and her audiences, intrigued by the authenticity, are just dying for more.

All About Evil stars a talented cast, Mink Stole, Jack Donner, Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira). Each character brings their own sense of humor and personality to the screen. The movie has every sort of character you need in a movie: one that you want to strangle, one that you want to cheer for and one that makes you say ‘What the F#CK?!’ The witty one-liners by characters will have anyone rolling on the floor laughing.

Director Joshua Grannell’s (or better known as Peaches Christ) writing in this film is amazing/exemplary. The film is not only hilarious; it also has the right amount of gore and screams to satisfy any horror fans. Keep your eyes open for Peach Christ- who also stars in the film.

You can order the All About Evil DVD on Peaches Christ website or stream it for 24 hours here!

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