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A photographer has captured an odd alien-looking object flying over the skies of Random Island Canada.

Just last week, iHorror brought you the story of a man in Phoenix, Arizona who was baffled by an image he caught in the street of his suburban neighborhood.

Now we head to the Great White North as another eerie photo surfaces, this time of a UFO.

Does this resemble the alien aircraft one Canadian photographer captured?
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

U.K. tabloid The Mirror reports that the image was taken by a UFO skeptic named Chad Haines, who admits he is the last person to think of these things as possible unearthly phenomenon.

One YouTube blogger Tyler Glockner, was so intrigued by the story that he created a video (see below) of the report for his Secure Team 10 channel.

Tyler compares the unidentified object as looking like a “Star Trek ship from the TV series.”

Alien craft in skies over Canada

Haines discovered the image after scrolling through his camera in preparation for Christmas. He says this photo was taken earlier in the year.

Claiming that the “saucer” was hovering near the moon, Haines said it remained in that position for hours.

Eventually the “craft” began to undulate before shooting off into the distance, reports The Mirror.

Dispelling claims that the object was a plane or even a drone, the photographer says it was far too big.


Tyler, in his video says another sighting of a strange object was reported by a police officer in the same area 37-years-ago.

Bombarded with criticism, the law enforcement official eventually stopped telling the story.

Do you believe the Canadian photographer who captured this image’s story? Tell us why or why not.