Alien: Covenant Will Be Coming to Your Home as a VR Experience

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Game over, man. Game over. Fox Innovation Lab has just announced that Alien: Covenant will be coming to your home as a virtual reality experience.

Variety has reported that Fox Innovation Lab will team up with Ridley Scott, serving as executive producer, and David Karlak, who will direct. I should note that this isn’t Ridley Scott’s first foray into the world of gaming; he previously worked on Call of Duty and The Martian VR experience in 2015. That being said, it’s wonderful to hear that he’ll have a hand in making this. Obviously, as a fan, you’d want the man behind the madness to be involved.

We don’t have a lot of details at this time, but we do know that it will be released as a paid title on most VR platforms. There’s no exact date for the release, but with the film coming out on May 19, it’s possible that the VR experience will try to sync up. Right to your home and ready to scare your pants off.

Considering how ultra-immersive and hyper-realistic the virtual reality system can be, you can bet this is going to be terrifying. It’s been described by the studio as a “dread-inducing” experience. Players will “navigate through horrifying alien environments and a story where every decision could mean the difference between life and death”. Spooky.

From the sounds of it, Fox wants to embrace the future of the VR experience, using it for more than just advertising their movies. In an interview with Variety, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Fox Innovation Lab President Mike Dunn stated “We see VR as a new media opportunity… Our intention from the moment we developed our business plan was to be in the commercial VR business”. We hope that means that they’ll be bringing that enthusiasm to the Alien: Covenant VR project.

Following the success of 2014’s Alien: Isolation, we can imagine this will be the same type of survival horror gameplay. If Alien: Covenant can move beyond the movie-as-a-game curse, this has a lot of potential. The tension and terror of the survival horror genre is palpable even when playing on a console, so hopefully, bringing the Alien experience to VR is going to be insane.

Be wary though, because in a VR headset, everyone can hear you scream.

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