ALIEN: COVENANT Unleashes A Terrifying Teaser Poster

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The fine folks at FOX have given sci-fi horror fans something to be really thankful for this Thanksgiving. A brand new teaser poster for ALIEN: COVENANT revealing the movie will be released a few months earlier than expected! Taking a page from the original 1979 classic, the poster is minimal yet extremely unnerving. Just a shady shot of a very familiar looking Alien and one word: RUN. Good advice!


And compare to the original ALIEN poster below. While not quite as catchy as “In space no one can hear you scream.” The one word tag of “RUN” is certainly to the point. And with the Xenomorph being a mainstay of pop-culture, not much of a point in hiding it from the poster this time around. Moving from the Alien egg to the drooling Giger monstrosity lurking in the darkness. With the release date moved up to May 19th, anticipation for the sci-fi horror sequel is high!


As we’ve reported before, (With potential SPOILERS if you want to avoid) despite casting Danny McBride and the more philosophical based prequel, PROMETHEUS, ALIEN: COVENANT will be aiming for maximum extraterrestrial terror in this new sequel also directed by the franchise’s original director, Ridley Scott. And directly tying to PROMETHEUS as well, complete with Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace returning and continuing the existential space exploration when a new crew encounters the surviving members of the deadly Prometheus mission of the last movie. Sure enough, expect lots of chest bursting beasts and bio-mechanical body-horror on May 19th, 2017!

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