20th Century Fox has released two new promo clips for Alien: Covenant in anticipation of its May 19 release date. Two Covenant crew members send their last messages to Earth, which are intercut with found footage clips that show an eerie and foreboding future for the colonists.

In the first clip, we see Daniels (Katherine Waterson) sending a message to her dad. Aww! It’s sweet, and perhaps a little bit trepidatious. The second clip is of Oram (Billy Crudup) reading a speech about the “majesty” of what they are about to encounter.

The promos are effective at showing the hopeful optimism of the colonists, though they make you feel quite sad for the crew and their doomed mission. The over-the-shoulder footage is a really clever way to connect the action with the transmitted message, and give us a glimpse at some new shots that may or may not actually get used for the film. Since we have seen no point-of-view steadicam shots in the other trailers, it’s hard to tell.

20th Century Fox has been well on top of their viral marketing game for Alien: Covenant. With promo clips like Run, Pray, Hide, The Last Supper, and Meet Walter, there have been regular reminders of the film’s upcoming release.

JoBlo has also released some clips of recent tv spots, one of which appears to be a brief but similar farewell message from Tennessee (Danny McBride), followed by the trailer. I’ve included the third clip with the others below, for your viewing pleasure.

Check out the promo clips and tell us what you think.



Image via 20th Century Fox


Featured image via 20th Century Fox