Alien: Covenant Claims #1 Spot at the Box Office

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While the overall Alien franchise has hit the highest of highs and fallen to the lowest of lows, thanks to just how amazing both Ridley Scott’s 1979 original classic Alien and James Cameron’s first sequel Aliens are, a new installment in the series will always immediately draw fan attention.

This weekend saw the release of the highly anticipated Alien: Covenant, a film that serves to begin bridging the narrative gap between Scott’s divisive 2012 project Prometheus, and the conventional Alien universe starring Sigourney Weaver’s legendarily badass Ellen Ripley character.

Photo Credit: FOX

Initial projections going into the weekend had Alien: Covenant earning about a $40 million domestic opening, but unfortunately, its final numbers came up a good amount short of that. Covenant now stands as the third highest opening of the Alien series, behind Prometheus at $51 million and Alien vs. Predator at 38.3 million.

Despite that disappointing fact, the $36 million total Covenant racked up was still enough to earn Scott’s latest the #1 spot at the box office, just beating out reigning champion Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s $35 million weekend haul.

Sporting a $97 million estimated production budget, Alien: Covenant’s domestic earnings so far may seem a little soft, but the film is performing pretty well overall, having also already banked an additional $46.6 million internationally.

Critics are calling "Alien: Covenant" a great action picture.

Photo Credit: FOX

With nearly $83 million of its $97 million budget recouped already, Covenant will still likely end up earning a sizeable profit for studio FOX before it leaves theaters, then rack up even more bucks on home video and digital. In short, Scott’s plans to continue his epic saga will continue unabated.

One shouldn’t expect Alien: Covenant to retain the top spot next weekend though, as that’ll likely go to Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which has been generating a lot of positive buzz so far. Guardians 2 also looks on track to stay competitive for awhile.

Photo Credit: FOX

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