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‘Alice, Sweet Alice’ Remake Revived

by Waylon Jordan
Alice Sweet Alice

Director Dante Tomaselli hasn’t given up on his remake of 1976’s Alice, Sweet Alice.

The film, which was directed by Tomaselli’s cousin, Alfred Sole (Pandemonium), tells the story of a shy, withdrawn adolescent girl named Alice (Paula E. Sheppard) who comes under suspicion of murdering her younger sister Karen (Brooke Shields) at Karen’s First Communion.

Soon others around the girl begin to die, and all evidence points to Alice. But is she really the killer?

(Honestly, some of the narration on this trailer is a horror story all its own.)

Tomaselli announced his intention to remake Alice, Sweet Alice back in 2012, and even went so far as to announce some casting for the film. However, he’s had no end of trouble securing financing to move the production ahead.

Still, as recently as July of 2019, he told Arrow Video that he intended to move ahead with the project.

“My cousin and I still have a remake in the cards,” he said. “and we’re in talks about releasing official Alice, Sweet Alice Halloween masks with Trick or Treat’s Justin Mabry.”

It seems like the time would be ripe for a remake of the classic film. Alice, Sweet Alice contained themes that, I think, would resonate in 2020. While there have been no further details since the interview was given, it will be interesting to see if Tomaselli will bring the film to fruition.

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