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Alice Eve Will Star in ‘The Queen Mary’ Haunted Ship Horror Film

by Waylon Jordan
The Queen Mary

Deadline is reporting that Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into the Darkness) has signed on to star in The Queen Mary, the first in a trilogy of horror films built around the haunted ship from director Gary Shore (Dracula Untold).

No significant plot details have been revealed about the project. We do know it will be based around hauntings experienced the now decommissioned ocean liner that is permanently docked in Long Beach, California.

The ship has a long and varied history. She set sail on her maiden voyage in 1936 and quickly became known for her speed. During World War II, the ship was used as a troopship, ferrying Allied servicemen to various locations. When the war ended, she was once again fitted for passenger travel where she, along with the Queen Elizabeth, became the most famous and often used ships to travel across the Atlantic until air travel became more widely used.

The ship’s many years of travel and its various missions meant that a lot of death occurred onboard. Because of this and the many alleged sightings of ghosts and other strange occurrences experienced by tourists, the Queen Mary is largely considered one of the most haunted ships in the entire world and receives approximately 2 million visitors every year.

Shore is co-writing the scripts for the trilogy of films with Stephen Oliver and Tom Vaughan.

“I’m fascinated, obsessed and disturbed by this ship – there’s something very dark and human about her. It’s a stylistic tightrope between reverence and horror,” Shore said in a statement.

The Queen Mary and the two subsequent films are being developed and produced by Imagination Design Works.

It will be interesting to see just what role Eve takes on in the film. iHorror will keep you posted about further details on The Queen Mary as they become available.

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