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‘Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo’ Comes to Xbox and Playstation

by Trey Hilburn III

The Alfred Hitchcock classic, Vertigo is among his most stylistic and ambitious. From story to direction to delivery its hands-down one of Hitch’s best. Now, in a totally unexpected move, Vertigo is becoming a video game from Pendulo Studios (Blacksad: Under the Skin) and even comes stamped with the Hitchcock brand name.

The synopsis for Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo goes like this:

 In Vertigo, Ed Miller, a writer, came out unscathed from his car crash down into Bixby Canyon, California. Even though no one was found inside the car wreckage, Ed insists that he was traveling with his wife and daughter. Traumatized by the event, he begins to suffer from severe vertigo. As he starts therapy, he will try to uncover what really happened on that tragic day. Prepare yourself for a most disturbing investigation inside the human mind: truth is sometimes worse than madness.

So, as you can see this Vertigo will have nothing to do with the film’s narrative. Which makes the whole thing a bit odd. I mean… why call it Vertigo at all? Maybe there is more to be learned once we get a chance to dig into the actual game. But, at the moment… we are a little bit on the confused side.

Vertigo is coming to PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. We will be sure to let you know more as we find it.

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