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‘Alexia’ is the Spooky Short ‘Unfriended’ Fans Should Check Out

by Eric Panico

Unfriended: Dark Web hits theaters on July 20th, and if you can’t wait for more computer screen scares then we’ve got just the thing for you! Writer/Director Andrés Borghi’s 2013 horror short Alexia is about a guilt-stricken man whose ex-girlfriend committed suicide shortly after they broke up. After enough time has passed, he finally decides to move on and unfriend her on Facebook. But it seems, even in death, she doesn’t want to let him go.

Unlike Unfriended, which began its film festival run the following year at Fantasia Film Festival, Alexia is shot in a more conventional manner. There’s a raw quality to Unfriended’s film style taking place almost entirely on the computer screen. However, Alexia has the freedom to break away from the monitor, and it definitely makes the most of it.

The film has a rich look, and plenty of ghostly atmosphere to give you the late night creeps. You can easily relate to our sympathetic main character Franco (Sergio Berón), whose vengeful ex-girlfriend brings the term “clinger” to a whole new level.

Technology focused horror films are becoming a subgenre all their own nowadays with how much cell phones, computers, and social media have changed the way society interacts. However, it seems to have also opened up new possibilities for horror directors to find ways for the dead to communicate from beyond the grave.

This is one horror film you are absolutely encouraged to watch on your computer in a dark room with the sound up. Check out the full short film Alexia below:

If you liked Alexia, also be sure to watch the eerie short film The Closet, featuring The Nun actress Bonnie Aarons!

What did you think of Alexia, and what are some of your favorite technology driven horror shorts? Will you be seeing Unfriended: Dark Web in theaters? Let us know in the comments!

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