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Firstly, I’d like to thank for the opportunity to post some of my current information, thoughts, and perhaps occasional incoherent ramblings.

Thank you to all the fans that still show support after all these years… I am happy to say that some new and exciting things are happening for me in 2013.

For starters, the film “House Guest” is finishing up post-production, and a release date should be available soon! I wrote this film, as well as play one of the leads.

I’m also working on some original scoring for the film. More information on that can be found at

My facebook  is also often updated with new information about the film, and upcoming appearances.

I have some more to announce, but some of it will have to wait.

Alex Vincent Now
As for now, come meet me and chat in person at one of my upcoming appearances, check out some original music, some remixes, some poetry, and stop in my store if you’d like.

This month I’ll be in Nashville TN and back to Orlando for May-hem! Dates and links on my site. More from me soon…


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