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Alex Kurtzman Reflects on 2017’s ‘The Mummy’, Expresses Regret

by Paul Aloisio

Universal’s Dark Universe franchise did not go according to plan at all. What was originally supposed to be a complete revamp of the classic age of Universal Horror ended up being a disappointing, underwhelming mess for the studio. Alex Kurtzman, director of 2017’s The Mummy, now admits that the movie was a disappointment even for him.

Speaking with THR, Kurtzman said bluntly:

The Mummy wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I’m no longer involved in that and have no idea what’s going on with it. I look back on it now [and] what felt painful at the time ended up being an incredible blessing for me. I learned that I need to follow my own instincts, and when I can’t fully do that, I don’t think I can succeed.”

It’s sad to see how the film ended up being such a flop. Even sadder is to learn how much Kurtzman seemed to truly believe in them. He continued:

“Those films are beautiful because the monsters are broken characters, and we see ourselves in them.”

And it’s a true statement. But for whatever reason, the Dark Universe just didn’t go according to plan. As for the future of the series, it’s assumed that the whole thing has been scrapped. Kurtzman has no further insight into the future of it, either. He added:

“I hope those are the movies that they make; I want to see them.”

I think we could all agree that those original films have something truly special about them. It’s going to take a lot more care and effort to create something that would capture the original spirit of them honestly. Though not a true Creature From The Black Lagoon film, I think we can all agree that a movie like The Shape of Water proves that it can be done in the modern age.

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