Is Alex Kurtzman Done with Universal’s Dark Universe Already?


Oh man. This really appears to be shaping up to be a disaster, now doesn’t it?

Earlier this week, we received some disappointing comments from the mastermind of Universal’s Dark Universe franchise Alex Kurtzman. After the critical disaster that was The Mummy, many have been clamoring for the untimely end of the series. It seems that those who are opposed to the franchise may just get exactly that, with Kurtzman’s future involvement in doubt.

In an interview with IGN, Kurtzman was asked if he was still a part of the Dark Universe. His answer is below:

You know the truth is, I don’t know. I really don’t know … I haven’t really decided. Is the honest answer.

Now, look; this is a bummer any way you want to cut it. Whether or not you liked The Mummy, Kurtzman seemed extremely confident and optimistic about his proposed sprawling universe of monsters. It seemed like the Dark Universe was full speed ahead, and the fact that he is now publicly airing his doubts as to whether or not he even wants to be a part of it is sad.

Yes, The Mummy flopped hard in the eyes of many critics and fans. Still, it’s never fun to see people lose passion for their own projects, especially so soon into said project’s lifespan. There were many lessons that could have been learned from the poor response to the first film in the Dark Universe. Giving up seems like taking the easy way out.

Though I don’t mean to sound rude in regards to the man. I respect just about everyone who is trying to accomplish something creatively. All I’m saying is a little hope goes a long way.

But what do you think, readers? Am I too optimistic? Am I too forgiving about the way the first film in the franchise went? Or was this truly a bad idea from the start, and the whole idea should be scrapped sooner than later? Let’s get the conversation going. I’d love to know how you, the viewers, feel about Kurtzman’s statement.



  1. Trying to turn iconic Horror characters into an action universe is/was a bad move. I keep hearing these films contain Horror ELEMENTS, how about make them Horror movies with action ELEMENTS. The main allure is being stripped away, HORROR! Until they/he realize that good luck. I don’t like seeing anyone losing their passion either, but the fans want creepy, scary, tension, blood, gore, gothic settings, and good character/story arcs, all the things that made these films classics to begin with. Oh and you don’t need A-list actors either. I sense them trying to pattern/copy Marvel & DC way too much in this. They are superheroes and action films, these are Horror films, not exactly the same fan base. IMO

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  3. They tried to start this two times already with I Frankenstein and Dracula Untold. Both failed as well as this Tom Cruise shit, so the third time is a pretty good indicator that no one’s here for the idea of action movies with horror icons.


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