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Alex Aja Keeps Hopes Of ‘Scanners’ TV Show Alive

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Well, it looks like we may still be getting a Scanners TV show in the future, perhaps with an announcement at next year’s San Diego Comic-Con. A lot can happen over the course of a year, but Alexandre Aja teased fans at a press conference for his upcoming film Horns.

Dread Central shares what he had to say:

“I’ve always been a huge huge fan of Cronenberg and especially Scanners,” says Aja. “I think it’s one of the best worlds and best universes created. There’s been a few years where I’ve tried to figure out a way to create a TV show. Hopefully, next year here at the same place we’ll be revealing a lot, but yes, but this is definitely something I want to do next.”

The show was revealed to be in development with Dimension and Aja as far back as 2011, and it looks like it’s still moving forward. With the emerging trend of turning horror movies into TV shows (Bates Motel, Hannibal, Scream, Friday the 13th, Evil Dead, etc.), it seems like the time is right to actually get something like this moving forward. It would be awesome if David Cronenberg were involved, but Aja is someone I would trust to make a Scanners show we can all enjoy.


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