‘Alan Wake’ Pulled From Digital Stores

Justin EckertNews1 Comment

Alan Wake is to be removed from all digital store fronts by May 15, 2017.  It will be taken down due to an expired license for music used throughout the game.  Remedy Entertainment is hoping to reinstate the license, and bring the game back up for anyone still interested.  However, with situations like these nothing is concrete on when the game will be back up for sale, if ever.

While it was far from perfect Alan Wake was an interesting concept and a competent psychological thriller at it’s core.  It wore it’s inspirations on its sleeve and there were a few decisions throughout the game that seemed odd.  Through it all though, the game has garnered a dedicated fan-base even among it’s disappointing sales.

If nothing else Alan Wake was interesting, through it’s very Twin Peaks plot and references to Stephen King’s various works.  Hell Alan himself was Dime-Store King with a wife who is constantly pushing him through his writers block.  A wife who also happens to be deathly afraid of the dark and is abducted by the sentient darkness leaving her husband to save her.

The games plot may have been jarring and downright confusing at times, but it had a special kind of charm to it.  Remedy Entertainment showed off just how talented with world building they were, with the games opening moments.  The town and it’s various residents felt so real before the spooky darkness took over, it was almost nostalgic.

The opening scene in the diner to this day serves as a great example of what psychological horror can do when handled correctly.  Meeting various characters getting an idea of what the people who inhabit that small little mountain town are really like, only to look beyond a corner and realize that there’s something off.

The execution may have been choppy but when Alan Wake nailed it, it was like being called back to Silent Hill to face off against my demons.  Alan Wake was far from a perfect game, but dammit it deserved a better wrap than it got.  For those interested pick it up now, before it’s lost to the darkness for good.

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