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I was alerted to The Limehouse Golem after the recent casting news that Alan Rickman is to star. This one has really caught my eye due to its very unique premise. Well, I say unique, it is actually based on a novel called Dan Leno and The Limehouse Golem written by Peter Ackroyd. It was written in 1994 but set in a faithfully recreated Victorian London. However, for the art form of film it will be fresh. The book will be adapted for the screen by Jane Goldsman, she already has experience in recreating a period horror for the big screen in a sinister and atmospheric way with The Woman In Black, so the writing should be pretty strong on this one. The Limehouse Golem will be directed by Juan Carlos Medina. Alan Rickman will star, he of course famously portrayed Hans Gruber in Die Hard and Snape in Harry Potter.

So here is what is really interesting about The Limehouse Golem, the original story is a murder mystery in which the killings are so brutal people begin to believe that they are the doing of a mythical creature, you guessed it, a Golem. Which is a gigantic creature sculpted out of mud or clay and then brought to life by scratching a particular marking into its head. The murders take place in the Limehouse District, hence the name. So that is a very interesting concept, I am a big fan of The Woman In Black and Alan Rickman so I am looking forward to what he and Jane Goldsman will do with this interesting tale.