American Horror Story Coven
Via Narcity

We finally have a release date for the highly anticipated 8th season of American Horror Story. Posted on their official Facebook page, the coven/murder house crossover will enchant us as of September 12, 2018.

“Not Long Now,” reads the caption that has fans excited as the date draws near.  Creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed the season one and four mash-up as well as the return of some fan favorites.

The mix of the campy fun of Coven with the dark and gritty undertones of Murder House will be intriguing. This blend of fantasy/horror should give fans some nostalgic moments.

However, Murphy is the king of misdirection. In the past, he has thrown fans completely off course with what to expect. Nonetheless, we will keep eyes and ears open for any new AHS details.

For those who can’t wait to find out all the secrets behind this new seasons, Murphy and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles have partnered with Omaze to give one special fan a chance of a life time. The selected winner will get to read the first three season 8 scripts and have their own personal Q&A session with Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters.

Are you excited for the return of witches and ghosts in season 8 of AHS? Let us know below.