Ryan Murphy Clues In On Upcoming AHS ‘Murder House’/ ‘Coven’ Crossover

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Written by Patti Pauley

Ryan Murphy sure is busy these days. Between the upcoming and highly anticipated series Feud, detailing the tension between Hollywood legends Joan Crawford and Bettie Davis; along with prepping for newly renewed for 3-including this years’, of American Horror Story, I often wonder if this guy even sleeps at all.




Earlier this year, we brought you the news that AHS creator Ryan Murphy was planning a crossover season between arguably, the two most popular series entries in the show- leading to fans of the show dancing around like Misty Day in a Stevie Nicks love trance. Now, Entertainment Weekly reports that Ryan Murphy, in pure mysterious Murphy fashion, has spilled a little tidbit of what to expect from said crossover season.

Per EW:

“It’s a character from season 1 that will be thrust into the world that you are left with at the end of Coven, which is sort of like the male/female/witch academy. And then all of those characters will intertwine, which is confusing because some of them are from seasons 1 and 3. Like, Sarah Paulson will probably be playing 18 characters.”


In regards to season seven, we previously reported that Murphy has stated the upcoming installment will bring back AHS alumni Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. The creator also commented regarding the theme of this years chapter that it will be a “modern day tale” of sorts; whatever that means. However, many believe the season will take place on the high seas per this teaser from AHS‘ social media last November.




More to come as we learn about this fascinating intertwined season and the secrecy surrounding the theme of the seventh season!


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