AHS: Freak Show – First Look at Dandy Mott as the New Twisty the Clown!

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After a brief holiday hiatus, American Horror Story: Freak Show returns to FX on January 7th, kicking off the season’s last three episodes. What can we expect to see in those final hours? Well, it’s looking like Twisty the Clown is coming back, though not quite the Twisty we’ve come to know…

You might remember that Dandy had vowed early in the season to become a performer in the freak show, though he was turned away for appearing to be too normal. It was at that point that Dandy became fascinated by Twisty the Clown, in many ways taking over as the new Twisty after the sadistic clown’s death.

So whatever happened to Dandy’s freak show dreams? As the final episode’s synopsis suggests, he’ll be making his ‘debut performance’ on January 21st’s season finale, and it’s likely that the finale will mark Dandy’s complete transformation into his hero, Twisty the Clown.

And believe it or not, we’ve already seen Dandy in the makeup…


Before the season even premiered, FX released the above teaser photo of the show’s clown, which ended up looking quite unlike the actual Twisty, when he made his presence known on the season’s very first episode. So if that’s not Twisty then who is it? It appears to be none other than Dandy Mott, as Twisty the Clown.

All but confirming that hunch is a sneak preview photo from the Freak Show finale that FX just shared on their Facebook page, which again shows this incarnation of Twisty. Coupled with the aforementioned episode synopsis, it seems that Dandy’s so-called debut performance is indeed going to be as the new Twisty.

Want to see Dandy as Twisty, before the episode airs? Check out the creepy teaser image below…


These final episodes should be pretty wild, to say the very least. Look for Freak Show back in its regular time slot on Wednesday, January 7th!