After Two Seasons of Joy, Netflix Has Cancelled ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’

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Netflix has decided to cancel their run of Mystery Science Theater 3000. A sad day it is. If you, like myself were as big of a fan of host Jonah Ray busting out a Kaiju rap to pair with Reptilicus, than you know the hurt and also how good that rap was.

The series was revived by Netflix and brought back Joel Hodgson in partnership with Shout! Factory. It had a lot going for it fans loved a new host in Ray, classic puppets and of course the Satellite of Love. Both seasons saw Felicia Day and Patton Oswald take on the roles of the antagonists forcing Ray and his pals to watch endless b-movies.

The twenty episodes, had the same classic, trademark spoofy humor that MST3K were used to and was a really special event all together.

Ray took to Twitter to announce the bad news to fans:

Hodgson took to Twitter to announce the news to fans as well, but with a far more upbeat attitude.

If you didn’t see the backer update, I announced today that is not doing a third season for Netflix. It’s not the end of MST3K, It’s just the end of the first chapter of bringing back MST3K.

So, it seems that we might not have seen the last of Tom Servo and Crow after all. At least lets keep our fingers and toes crossed, MST3K fans.

The series was picked up by Netflix following a Kickstarter campaign that raised $5.7 million. The original run of MST3K ran from 88′ to 99.

Are you guys sad to see the series leave Netflix? Excited to see it continue elsewhere? Let us know in the comments section.

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