"Halloween" 2018

Just over two weeks after taking to social media saying she is ready to get back to work as Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee Curtis posted another picture on Thursday bidding adieu to the current filming location.

“So sad to leave all my new friends in Charleston,” she says on Instagram.

She also posted on Facebook:

“Wrapping things up here in Haddonfield. Three generations of strong, striped, Strode women. These two @missjudygreer @andimatichak brought it ALL to their work on this terrifying revisit of @halloweenmovie #halloweenmovie #halloweenmovie/”

Jamie Lee Curtis – Facebook

As fans are looking for any clues to the top-secret screenplay and which direction it will take after writers have said from the very beginning that there will be no continuity to the previous films except the original, some wonder just how much screen time Laurie will have in this one-off.

What we do know about this David Gordon Green directed entry is that Laurie is joined by two other women leads; her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) which means we may not get just one final girl but two (three?).

As sometimes happens in Hollywood and can be seen in the Halloween franchise official, actors and actresses who create iconic roles get tired of playing them and kill them off in their own way in honor of the fans. Unfortunately, Laurie didn’t get the ending she (we) deserved in the abysmal Halloween: Resurrection. But since that film will be ignored here, maybe Curtis is doing it right this time?

Naturally her departure from the town and filming location doesn’t mean she’s done on camera. She could be headed back to Hollywood and completing the film in a studio back lot or sound stage and we are hopeful of that.

A mainstream film, one with mid to high budget can take two to six months to shoot. That doesn’t include editing, effects, titles, soundtrack placement etc.

And with Halloween scheduled to be released in late October 2018, shooting schedules are probably tight. Hopefully Curtis’ location departure is an indication of smooth sailing.

This is obviously an important film to everyone involved including the fans. In it we not only get to see the return of Laurie, but Halloween‘s creator John Carpenter along with original Shape Nick Castle.

As always we will keep you up-to-date on any further developments.