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Adorable ‘Jaws’ Plush Comic-Con Exclusive Now Up For Pre-Sale

by Trey Hilburn III

Factory Entertainment is putting the adorable in Jaws‘ anniversary. This little dude comes with before mentioned adorableness as well as the yellow barrels the crew of the Orca use to slow Bruce down.

The Jaws plush originally planned exclusively for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, is now getting an online pre-sale. So, in this caseComic Con’s bad fortune is a Jaws collector’s good fortune. They are limited, so if you plan on getting one best to get over to Factory Entertainment’s site now.

The plush shark is 12″ long, infinitely cute and limited to 1000 shark.

It’s around this time that we would be celebrating Alamo Drafthouse’s Jaws On The Water event, sadly it isn’t happening this year. Jaws On The Water is the blast of an event the theater puts on everywhere in which you watch Jaws while floating on murky, ominous water. But, we still have plans to watch the film while in a pool at the very least. I mean, we have to do something.

This little dude goes for $25 and is expected to ship in Aug. To place your pre-order head on over to Factory Entertainment.

What do you have planned to celebrate Bruce’s 45th birthday? Let us know in the comments section.



Source: (Bloody Disgusting)

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