Written by John Squires

NY just got a Tim Burton-themed bar. Meanwhile, over in India, The Addams House has officially opened its doors!

Located in Gurgaon, India, The Addams House is a restaurant inspired by the beloved Charles Addams-created franchise, the theme reflected by the Gothic architecture, the “Victorian opulence,” and the food and drink menus. Fittingly dubbed “The Not Normal Brewery & Kitchen,” the new locale is geared directly to fans of both the films and animated series, and you’ll even find a massive family portrait on the wall of the dining area.

From the official Addams House website

The Addams House is the latest addition to the capitals breweries. The interiors of the newest beer junction in Gurgaon sector 29’s market are inspired by the popular fictional series – The Addams Family, created by American cartoonist Charles Addams. The gothic architecture adds a tone of Victorian opulence to the interiors.

The primary drinks to be served to our dear patrons will be freshly brewed beers appealing to the varied populace of the demanding city. Our team of industry insiders have also put together a lavish menu to compliment the brews and other drinks which will be served on the premises.

addams house

The food menu, outfitted with various images of the Addams Family, includes eye-catching items like “Wednesday’s Favorite” pizza, “Morticia’s P-Major Symphony,” and “Pugsley’s Portion.” As for the drinks, they have festive names such as “Goblin Boo Drink,” “Uncle Fester’s Negroni,” “Death from Below,” “Ghost Buster,” and “Addam’s Brew.” Yummy.

Check out a handful of exterior and interior photos below!

addams house 1

addams house 2

addams house 3

addams house 4

addams house 5