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Adam Green Says He’s Not Pursuing Halloween Film

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Well, we’ve got some sad news to report. You know how Adam Green was supposed to be interested in directing the next Halloween movie? Well, apparently that was bullshit. That’s too bad because his alleged idea sounded like the perfect direction for the franchise to go in.

Green participated in a reddit AMA (ask me anything) today, and was asked if there was any truth to the reports. His response was as follows:

Nope. That was all spun by a writer looking for hits by taking a very casual and fun side bar conversation “So if you could ever do an entry for an existing franchise which would you pick?” and posting it as a NEWS story. It’s been very frustrating to be honest. My friends Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are writing HALLOWEEN and my hope is that they let Marcus direct his own script as he’s an amazing director and one of my favorites. (Have you seen THE COLLECTOR films??) I would only entertain it if Marcus couldn’t do it for some reason.

It just goes to show that you can’t believe everything you see reported, even when a report includes direct quotes from a person. The story originated at Starburst magazine, and was picked up by others including Halloween Daily News, ourselves and others. Here’s the excerpt from Starburst, which got everybody talking:

Having created Victor Crowley for the HATCHET series, when asked about which other horror icon he’d like to get his hands on, Green revealed, “Michael Myers. I want HALLOWEEN bad. Finally they have writers [Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan]. I love them dearly and I think that if anybody can try to fix this, it’s them. I’ve been brought in to meet before, for all these years where they thought they were gonna do it then it wouldn’t happen. But I would love to do a HALLOWEEN movie. It’s my favourite holiday, it’s my favourite of the franchises. I love Freddy, I love Jason, I would just really love to do a HALLOWEEN movie. All you’ve gotta do is make a good Michael Myers movie, that’s it!”

When then probed the ever-important question of what Green would do with the legendary Michael Myers. “If it was up to me,” he said, “I would start the movie with some teenage girls at a sleepover in Haddonfield telling ghost stories. One quick ghost story, another quick urban legend, and then somebody says ‘Do you know about the boogeyman?’ Maybe some of them know, one of them definitely doesn’t because they’ve just moved there or whatever. Then they tell the story in one minute, and it’s the story of the original movie. Then Michael Myers turns up, kill those girls, you get your opening scene kill, and then in your opening credits montage you see pictures of Donald Pleasance, see pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis. Erase everything else that’s happened until now, but the whole lore is that you don’t know when he’ll come back to Haddonfield, you don’t know why, but this Halloween he came back again. That’s it.”

Green added, “Then have a good story, good characters, and good actors, and good kills, and shoot it like Carpenter did the first one. Dread, suspense. Hatchet isn’t about dread or suspense, it’s about over-the-top, it’s about ridiculous, it’s about just go-go-go. But HALLOWEEN would need to be handled differently. For me, that’s the HALLOWEEN movie I wanna see. And I wanna see the original mask, the original overalls, and I’d wanna get rid of the cult, the Thorn, and the family. It’s just Michael Myers, that’s it. Give us what we want.

Some pretty specific stuff for being “spun,” but apparently false either way. It really is a shame that the whole thing turned out to not be true, because based on the reaction we saw, a lot of people were quick to get on board with this. Hopefully, at the very least, the powers that be were paying attention that reaction because it’s a good indication of what the fans want.

If we’ve learned nothing else, it’s that you can’t beat a reddit AMA to get some truth.

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