Adam Green Needs Your Help in Wake of Flooding!

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Depending on where you live in the country, or how much you watch the news, you may have heard Southern California has received a lot of rain lately.  Rains of biblical proportions, and the horror world’s Adam Green has felt its wrath.

This past Friday, Ariescope, Adam Green’s production company, was hit hard by these flash floods.  Sadly many of their props and creature displays have been damaged or lost all together.  While some of these props can be replaced, others of a more sentimental value have been lost forever.

Flood damage at Ariescope’s studio courtesy of

Fortunately the team at Ariescope were unharmed from the torrential rains and have begun the tedious process of clean up and recovery.  However, your help is needed!

Water Damage at Ariescope studios courtesy of

Adam Green and the team that have brought new life to the horror world with films such as Frozen and the Hatchet trilogy are asking for fans to unite and purchase an item (or two) from their webstore here!  Or you can donate directly to AerieScope/The Movie Crypt.  There are some pretty cool things to add to your collection, such as autographed comics, posters, and Blu-rays!  Don’t have room for more posters and own all of his work?  Buy a t-shirt!  I did!

Still not feeling motivated to donate?  How about feeding director Adam Green’s yorkie Arwen a treat through her very own link here.  How can you resist a face like that?  (No, Adam Green isn’t depriving his pet pooch from treats, the money actually helps his wicked and FREE The Movie Crypt podcast going.)

Arwen from

Fear not, the little pup wasn’t caught in the floodwaters, the silly girl tried to take a doggie paddle in the pooled water since she is an avid fan of swimming.

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